Relationships Maybe not Relationship is actually light, airy, and you will comedy whilst bringing a nice healthy dose from heart and you will breadth

Relationships Maybe not Relationship is actually light, airy, and you will comedy whilst bringing a nice healthy dose from heart and you will breadth

Our company is starting to rating glimpses for the characters’ pasts one to imply that not things are cuteness and you can romance in these man’s lifestyle, and that i imagine the new show is actually form a nice balance ranging from hilarious hijinks and you will real, truthful agony.

Jang-mi weight to the a locked home, as the Ki-tae lies on the ground, soft and you may unconscious. She fundamentally bursts through the doorway to locate him unreactive, because the a blade falls towards floors.

Into the night of the bachelor auction, Ki-tae and you will Jang-mi’s mothers see to talk about the kids – Jang-mi’s mom is actually chatty and you may animated when you are Ki-tae’s mom is reserved and you will stuffy. She will make it obvious so you’re able to Jang-mi’s mommy you to definitely the girl son will never be marrying Jang-mi, however, chat away from wedding is actually development in order to Jang-mi’s mommy.

Jang-mi and you can Ki-tae appear, and Jang-mi’s mother requires if this sounds like the newest bistro owner, complicated Ki-tae having Hoon-dong. Ki-tae’s mom says that no, the woman kid try a health care professional, and Ki-tae post-libs that Jang-mi is sleeping from the his industry to get rid of adult wedding.

He hilariously lays they to your thicker in front of the moms and dads, insisting that he’s the only begging Jang-mi to help you wed your, even delivering into the their legs to ribbon so you’re able to Jang-mi’s mommy. He ushers their mom away and you may Jang-mi’s mommy provides good whoop out of joy for her the fresh doctor son-in-law.

She drags Jang-mi on the bistro and messages concerning the wedding to Jang-mi’s father, which simply creates dilemma since the Father freaks and you will Jang-mi tries to get this lady tale upright. In the long run Mommy wheels regarding texting and you will blurts out, “He or she is a doctor!” At least the woman moms and dads try talking with both today – actually in addition they push Jang-mi away to help you hearsay together with her, ha.

Afterwards, Jang-mi is based on bed entirely swoon-function, just this woman is perhaps not swooning more than Ki-tae…she actually is recalling Yeo-reum gallantly coming back this lady destroyed shoe the night ahead of, including Cinderella’s prince. She bulbs upwards when she will get a book, however, falls the phone during the disgust whenever she observes it is regarding Hoon-dong.

Ki-tae’s mommy lets herself to your their apartment and starts bagging upwards all of their instant dining. She claims she will be able to share with he never enjoys tourist, but the guy claims you to definitely Jang-mi has arrived non-stop, zero extremely, and you can alerts Mommy to quit barging in otherwise she might discover one thing she doesn’t want observe. Mother only wearily sighs, not believing him.

Hoon-dong messages Jang-mi a couple of times, taking no reaction, and perks right up as he observes her operating as much as their cafe. He takes on it cool, but frowns whenever she just asks just after Yeo-reum. She discovers your throughout the home, but he is more interested in seeing the cook prepare yet another pan compared to talking to the girl. Jang-mi’s puzzled when he distractedly claims he will name the lady after, thinking how it happened towards Prince Pleasant regarding night just before.

On her solution, Hoon-dong trails immediately after the lady, however pretty sure she’s here observe your. Ki-tae concerns the lady save yourself by providing when planning on taking their so you can their place such they arranged, *wink wink*.

Envious Hoon-dong uses him or her, and perhaps they are forced to keep up its act completely to Ki-tae’s flat

Ki-tae reluctantly lets Jang-mi can be found in simply until Hoon-dong will leave, that is seem to a problem when he never ever has men, not even women. She’s amazed within how wonderful it is for a beneficial bachelor mat, and then he claims that he’s a bachelor by possibilities, not since the he can’t find you to definitely get married him.

I favor they

It’s entertaining how she runs doing holding all of the their articles, causing Ki-tae so you can wig aside, hence merely renders the woman do it a lot more locate less than his facial skin. The final straw happens when Jang-mi settles on their costly massage chair and alter brand new setup, however, she states she actually is made suitable because of the enabling him stay an effective bachelor. Cannot blame the woman reasoning.

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